What is eFlow?

Zarządzanie procesami biznesowymi

eFlow is a system designed to manage business processes in an organization. It provides automation of business processes – documents, information or tasks are transferred from one participant to the next, according to appropriate procedures. By implementing processes, the work that needs to be done on a daily basis becomes faster and more efficient.

How does eFlow work?

System for handling business processes

The eFlow system consists of the Bonita business process engine, implemented based on BPMN 2.0 notation, as well as a process management system and a business process portal. eFlow is based on proven and standardized technologies:

  • BPMN 2.0 for business process description

  • XForms 2.0 for building electronic forms

  • XSD and XML technologies for building unified data models

  • Web services in SOA architecture for integration purposes based on SOAP, REST, JMS

  • Integration of interfaces (APIs) to external systems, repositories and databases

  • Bonita’s proven engine


Increase the competitiveness of your business

Business process management can revolutionize the way companies do business. Our eFlow system is a tool that enables organizations to improve efficiency, increase process control and reduce operating costs, and dynamically adapt to changing market conditions.

Higher quality of services provided

Standardization of the course of processes
in the organization

Reducing lead times
and decision-making

Relieve specialists from monotonous, routine tasks

Effectively manage and control workflow

Reduce the cost of the entity’s current operations

Functionality of the eFlow platform

A customized solution for your business


Easy integration with office software and other IT solutions

Easy design

Easy to use graphical tool that supports Drag&Drop mechanism


Fully scalable IT solution allows you to add more processes


Processes are handled in real time


The eFlow business process management system is a solution from one of the WASKO Capital Group companies – COIG. Please visit the site for more information or contact.

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