PackBack private cloud

Sync and share data

PackBack Private Cloud is a B2B private cloud service, designed as a secure platform for sharing and sharing files. PackBack enables employees to access their data securely – at any time, from anywhere and on any device, whether on the organisation’s internal network or securely over the internet.

PackBack’s private cloud service PackBack allows the creation of virtual file servers to share data and synchronise it between different users’ devices. However, all the infrastructure needed for this service to function properly is located outside the company, in a secure private cloud in our data centre.

What sets us apart

Secure sharing of resources

PackBack was created as a service dedicated primarily to businesses. Our solution has been carefully designed to meet the highest standards related to security and data protection in companies. PackBack takes care of the security and confidentiality of your information by using advanced encryption during communication between your device and the platform.


Sharing and working with common resources

PackBack enables employees to gain secure access to their data. This solution allows information to be accessed remotely at any time and from anywhere, either on the organisation’s internal network or via the Internet, while maintaining complete security. All data operations, such as sharing or transferring, are recorded in the system, allowing the company to track who accessed the information and when.

End users can easily store files in their PackBack folder and the system automatically synchronises them with all registered devices. This allows users to conveniently access files from anywhere and from any mobile device. In addition, they can share these files securely using the available links, with access control and time restrictions. It is worth mentioning that all data is stored in our Data Centre in Katowice, which further secures the confidentiality of company information and guarantees full access to it.


Safe and effective solutions for your business

  • Instant transfer of important and confidential files

  • Central repository accessible at any time from computers and mobile devices

  • Security of shared files

  • Control over shared documents and registered devices

  • Protection against document loss from computers and mobile devices

  • No need to invest in and modify your own IT infrastructure


Would you like to find out more about the PackBack service? Please visit the website for information or contact us.

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