What is Fleet Management
Voyager Rail locomotives?

Monitoring of Locomotive and Railway Wagon Fleet

Voyager Rail is an easy way to monitor vehicles and manage fleets. It is designed for monitoring various types of vehicles, using measurement devices installed on locomotives (probes, flow meters). The collected data is transmitted to the system using GPS/GPRS transmission, then processed, analyzed, stored, and archived. All relevant parameters related to the monitored objects and remote control of the installed devices are accessible through an internet platform as management software based on location on maps of Poland and Europe.

How does Voyager Rail work?

Comprehensive Fleet Management Tool

The Voyager Rail locomotive fleet management system allows for the determination of the geographic location, direction, and onboard device parameters of the object, and it presents real-time information according to a specified refresh frequency.

Furthermore, the system provides a dedicated Engineer’s Portal for transmitting essential data to engineers and a dedicated mobile application for creating engineer’s work orders, downloading scheduling documents, and creating electronic railway documents.

The system provides 24/7 access to current and archival data, including historical routes with their parameters, while simultaneously enabling text communication between the driver and the dispatcher.


Optimized Fleet with Voyager Rail

Effective Vehicle and Cargo Theft Protection

Improvement of Logistics Process Organization

Reduction of losses due to improper use of the rolling stock

Enhancement of Train Operator Safety

Streamlining the Generation of Electronic Documents

Improvement of Train Operator Discipline

Enhancement of Company Image

Cost Optimization in Fault Remediation


Data Security

All collected data is also available in the form of reports generated in commonly used formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX, and PDF.

Data security is ensured through the archiving of historical data and the use of two-factor authentication for railway employees (dispatchers and train operators) based on SMS codes.

Locomotive fleet management – Voyager Rail provides integration with the PLK SEPE system, bidirectional data transmission, SKRJ OCTOPUS v2 – a dedicated interface for the Timetable Construction System, and SZYK2 – managing production processes, including generating electronic waybills for external client systems and tracking shipments on a digital map, as well as historical vehicle reviews.

  • Integration with External IT Systems

  • Integration with PLK Systems

  • The ability to use mobile devices for creating work orders or electronic documents (e.g., R7 list) and transmitting updated railway data.

System Functionality

Inventory of Locomotives and Railway Wagons

The system allows for the inventory of locomotives and railway wagons by recording the locomotive’s mileage, assigning and scheduling locomotive inspections, collecting information about the usage of vehicles (locomotives) along with their operators (train operators), recording wagon repairs (by importing data about damaged wagons from exported CSV files or another carrier’s system after integration), recording locomotive services, including access to individual repair stages, and requesting locomotive repairs with access to archived reports.
The system’s automatic processes enable the activation of an alarm mode based on motion sensor data and the monitoring of probes. This results in generating alarms and controlling non-operational fuel losses or engine speed exceeding set levels.
The presentation of vehicle and train operator working hours, along with the display of the location of monitored objects, is done on detailed digital city plans and road maps of Poland and Europe.
The locomotive fleet management system provides access to the Electronic Engineer’s Certificate Register and periodic updates of train operator qualifications through an automatic procedure of learning routes by the train operator, while also collecting information about familiarity with locomotive types.

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