What is SCADA for photovoltaics?

Photovoltaic farm surveillance system

OpenEye SCADA for photovoltaics is a tool that enables monitoring of pv farms. It is a response to a market need for technical efficiency and energy efficiency of a photovoltaic power plant.

Our SCADA system for photovoltaics acquires, processes and stores information from all key components of a photovoltaic farm in real time. Data is acquired with maximum frequency and precision.

Challenges of the photovoltaic industry

Preventing failures and financial losses

One of the rapidly growing directions of electricity generation is photovoltaics. Photovoltaic farms are subject to various types of damage, and their aging processes are often unpredictable. Failures can cause not only irreparable damage, but also often significant financial losses and, above all, threaten safety.


Highest safety standard

Increasing the efficiency of energy production

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce the risk of financial losses

Preventing failures and defects

Acquire extensive knowledge of PV power plant components

Quick response to emergencies that arise

SCADA system functionality for photovoltaics

Simple management of a photovoltaic farm

  • Monitoring the operation of all key components of a PV power plant

  • Monitoring of quantitative and qualitative parameters of electricity production

  • Monitoring of quantitative and qualitative parameters of electricity production

  • Support for the enforcement of due warranty benefits

  • Precise diagnostics of PV power plant operation

  • Location of damage to panels, their wiring

  • Monitoring the performance of groups of photovoltaic panels

  • Detection of operating instability and permanent and temporary damage to inverters

  • Automatic inventory of inverters and including their software versions

IoT and predictive algorithms

Advanced capabilities

OpenEye SCADA’s advanced functionality for photovoltaics is made possible through the use of the IoT PV Monitor proprietary industrial controller, an Internet of Things technology.

In addition, OpenEye SCADA’s high-tech mechanisms allow the potential of collected information to be exploited through the implementation of predictive algorithms in the area of energy production and the planning of service and maintenance activities of power plants.

Available versions

Dedicated OpenEye SCADA solutions


Management of industrial

OpenEye HelpDesk

Automation of notifications
and cases

OpenEye eADMIN oferta WASKO

OpenEye eADMIN

Comprehensive supervision of IT infrastructure

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