What is OpenEye SCADA?

Full process control

OpenEye is a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) class information system that monitors and analyses the course of technological or production processes.

OpenEye expands the perception of SCADA system, applying to the class of ‘umbrella’ solutions. It integrates all types of installations: building – within the BMS, technical media (hospitals), network (TCP/IP), as well as management systems and IT infrastructure (network, server and matrix devices).

All in one system

Flexible facility management


Python script handling

Working on mobile devices

Improving operational activities

How does OpenEye SCADA work?

Processing complex technical information

A key task of a SCADA system is communication with devices. In the case of OpenEye, it is carried out with the help of dedicated agents ensuring efficient acquisition of variables and control of devices. The agent has an extensive collection of translators and connectors (plugins) providing support for all supported communication protocols, e.g. OPC, SNMP, ModBus, GasModem, EtherNetIP, ICMP, REST, SQL, MQTT and many others specific to particular groups of devices or external systems.

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Functionality of the OpenEye SCADA system

Advanced system capabilities

The main functions of OpenEye SCADA include collection of current data (measurements), their visualization, process control, alarming and data archiving.

The system has the ability to define automatic actions that are triggered by the state of the monitored object or system. As part of the automatic actions, it is possible to control devices and trigger interactions with external systems, which opens up huge integration possibilities for the system user.

Our solution is characterized by extensive mechanisms for creating calculation variables, including template calculation variables. Such variables can be used to calculate performance indicators – KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – and enter the area of analytics in the control of processes occurring in the company.

  • Automatic failure detection
  • Automation of event handling procedures
  • Advanced machine learning mechanisms and inference algorithms
  • Defining and categorizing alarms
  • Defining thresholds and severity levels
  • Handling, approval of alarms
  • Full documentation of the alarm handling process
  • Automation of tasks – activation of emergency procedures
  • Full set of tools needed by the dispatcher for daily work
  • Data acquisition, collection, correlation and interpretation (sensors, controllers, surveillance systems, measurement systems, applications, etc.).
  • Generation of analysis, reports, statistics, summaries, etc.
  • Scaling – collection of data from any number of sources, with any available frequency
  • Data collection takes place at configurable time intervals
  • Link load balancing, so called load balancing

Additional capabilities of our solution

User-centered system

The demands placed on modern systems and technology installations are increasing. The standard is user access to relevant information, at any time, including when they have to perform tasks in the field. OpenEye SCADA fits into this trend.

The system’s advanced capabilities are fully accessible via a web browser and a mobile application designed for field services. With its help, services can be directed to fix failures in the field or carry out scheduled work. The app uses the navigation systems available on the phone to guide the team to its destination. The mobile worker is in constant contact with the dispatcher, and can receive new assignments, report on the status of assigned tasks, and attach photo footage of the scope of work being carried out. In turn, the dispatcher has the ability to track the location of task forces on a map.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology, we have introduced an additional mechanism – a new, higher layer of information visualization on dedicated diagrams, with a wide range of graphic components.

Innovation, design and ergonomics are key to OpenEye:

  • independent construction of reports based on all information and data collected and stored in the system’s database
  • data presentation interface, using diagrams, charts, reports
  • rich, expandable library of graphical components
  • intuitive data presentation thanks to a wide range of editing tools
  • possibility to create presentation layers, configured according to various criteria, e.g. geographic location, plant structure, functions performed
  • unlimited possibility to create your own diagrams, visualization panels

For whom is the OpenEye SCADA system designed?

Full control of processes

SCADA-type software is used in various market sectors, in many industries, where it is important to continuously monitor, control and control the operation of equipment, automation systems or information systems.

The OpenEye SCADA system is designed to:

  • Plants with automated production lines

  • Utility distribution companies (gas, water, heat)

  • Building installation integrators as a BMS (Building Management System) class system

  • Building installation integrators as a BMS (Building Management System) class system

  • Units with complex technical infrastructure (hospitals, universities, offices, etc.).

  • Companies and institutions managing distributed assets (weather stations, measuring probes, unmanned facilities)

  • Operators of photovoltaic power plants

Available versions

Dedicated OpenEye SCADA solutions

OpenEye SCADA for photovoltaics

Easy management of a photovoltaic farm

OpenEye HelpDesk

Automation of notifications
and cases

OpenEye eADMIN

Comprehensive supervision of IT infrastructure

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