What are Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS?

Management of road transport and public traffic

Intelligent transport systems (ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems) support the process of managing road transportation, along with road infrastructure, vehicles and their users, in large agglomerations and beyond.

ITS systems integrate technologies, devices – they are a collection of subsystems that collect data, analyze it and process it, making it possible, for example, to better regulate and optimize the movement of cars or public transportation.


Effective utilization of the transportation network

Improving traffic flow

Improving road safety

Accelerating public transport

Optimization of road fleet management costs

More efficient use of road and transport infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure planning and development

System Functionality

More functions, thanks to modular design

ITS intelligent transportation systems can be shaped according to the needs: to increase the capacity of a given road section within the already existing infrastructure, to relieve traffic jams, to improve public transportation traffic, or to protect the road infrastructure from heavy traffic and overloaded vehicles. The modular design of ITS allows customization of functionality.

Thanks to the experience of our specialists and the use of innovative technological solutions, we comprehensively design and implement ITS systems including:

It is based on centrally managing the operation of traffic signals to achieve traffic flow during changing conditions during peak and off-peak hours.
The system allows prioritization of public transport vehicles.
A system for guiding vehicles to alternative roads.
Is responsible for collecting data on available transportation infrastructure. Provides support to dispatchers in managing the rolling stock in use (streetcars, buses, etc.) so that any breakdowns or traffic incidents have the least possible impact on the quality of service.
Dynamic passenger information functions by displaying scheduled and forecast arrival times for buses and streetcars on electronic variable message boards.
It is responsible for transmitting information about all failures of key equipment installed in the area of operation of the entire system. When a failure is detected, the application sends a notification to the appropriate technical services responsible for restoring efficiency. The system operator on the city map can determine the exact location of the damaged device.
Monitoring of red light running allows detection of offenses committed by drivers violating traffic regulations at intersections controlled by traffic lights. The system prepares evidence (photos and video), which makes it possible to initiate a fine procedure.
Intersection monitoring and traffic incident detection is based on digital cameras installed within traffic junctions. The cameras allow operators working at the Traffic Management Center to observe vehicle streams and analyze traffic volume variability in a visual way.
By analyzing the availability of spaces, traffic participants can choose parking lots that offer free spaces. This information is displayed on parking information boards.
Create analysis and reports for ongoing traffic management and transportation infrastructure development.

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