Outsourcing IT

Comprehensive Solutions Enhancing Your Company’s Efficiency

IT outsourcing involves utilizing resources and specialists from an external company to efficiently and cost-effectively handle specific processes within a business. Comprehensive IT support requires establishing a competent in-house team consisting of multiple engineers with specialized knowledge in various areas and technologies. This entails high organizational costs associated with hiring and maintaining a group of specialists. For many businesses, the most sensible solution is to entrust the care of their IT infrastructure to experts from an external company.

Currently, IT support for businesses is gaining significant popularity. IT outsourcing addresses the most pressing issues for companies by ensuring the continuous operation of IT environments and providing access to a team of highly qualified specialists from WASKO. These specialists possess knowledge and experience certified in the supported technologies and solutions.

How do we operate

Flexible Approach to Outsourcing

In our approach to outsourcing, we prioritize cooperation based on trust and flexibility. We understand that each business has unique needs, so we tailor our services to the specific requirements of the client.

Our extensive experience in the IT industry has allowed us to gain knowledge about best practices and current technological trends. Our team consists of qualified professionals who have acquired rich experience by undertaking IT projects for public institutions and companies across various industries. With our knowledge and practical approach, we have the ability to adapt to the unique challenges our clients face. This combination of experience and expertise sets us apart as a partner capable of adapting to the dynamically changing business environment.

Flexible Approach

We adapt to your needs.

Two Collaboration Models

Tasks can be performed either at the client’s premises or remotely, according to the agreed-upon method or for a pre-defined period.

Flexible Terms of Collaboration.

Matching the billing model to the client’s needs, depending on the scope of work and the anticipated completion time.

Service and Maintenance of Implemented IT Systems

Comprehensive support for systems implemented by WASKO and other entities.

Service and Maintenance of Computer Hardware and Peripherals

Diagnosis of computer hardware, service expertise, remote and on-site service at the client’s location, as well as periodic maintenance and inspections of devices.

Monitoring of the Operational Environment

We ensure continuous monitoring and support in maintaining the optimal state of the operational environment, providing advice on its operation.

Training for Employees

IT training conducted for employees


New Opportunities for Your Company

Our offer includes a full range of IT services, including infrastructure management, technical support, software development, data management, and much more. Our goal is to provide our clients with not only the best technological solutions but also the opportunity to focus on their mission and development.


See what you gain from our cooperation:

  • Time savings
  • Quick response in case of failures
  • Access to a broad range of technical knowledge without the need for recruitment, training, or permanent employment
  • The ability to expand or reduce the team relatively quickly
  • Ensuring continuity of operations by the possibility of replacing team members with individuals of identical competencies

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