What are IT systems?

We will create a solution tailored to the needs of your company.

IT systems are an integral part of every IT company’s operations. They allow for efficient management of business processes, enable processing, storage, and sharing of information, and improve communication among employees.

Thanks to IT systems, companies can operate faster, more efficiently, and more organized. The implementation of IT systems is an investment that pays off in the form of improved operational efficiency and increased profits.

We specialize in creating IT systems. In over thirty-five years of WASKO’s presence in the market, we have implemented many IT systems for dozens of companies from various industries. We have the complete knowledge, experience, and skills to help you develop your company and adapt to the rapidly changing market.

Get a top-quality solution


We generate new possibilities

We will tailor a modern solution to the specifics and needs of your company. We have both a range of products that we will integrate with your solutions and the ability to build a dedicated IT system from scratch. We only use proven technologies and tools.


Modern, ergonomic, and secure

We follow an individual approach and build a partnership relationship. We will smoothly and comprehensively guide you through the entire implementation process. The project management approach is selected based on its complexity and your preferences.


Full support and commitment

We guarantee full support at every stage of the entrusted project. Starting from gathering requirements, through business and functional analysis, implementation, testing, maintenance, and ending with development.

Utilized Technologies

What our specialists use


Anaconda, C#, C++, Java, JEE, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Objective-C


Angular, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js


Apache Kafka, Apache Tomcat, Django, Flutter, Hibernate, Ionic, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, React Native

Operating Systems

Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Unix


Cassandra, mongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, postGIS, PostgreSQL, Redis SQL, Server


Docker, Kubernetes, Tanzu


GitLab, Jenkins, SonarQube

Version Control



See what you gain from our collaboration

  • Full customization of the system to your needs and expectations

  • A team of experienced specialists dedicated to working on your project

  • Idea verification, needs analysis, and optimization of existing processes

  • Carefully developed project ensuring a modern solution architecture

  • Flexible solution with the possibility of expansion as your company grows

  • Post-implementation support, system maintenance, and technical assistance

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