Teleinformatics Networks

Design and Construction of Reliable IT Networks

We specialize in building network infrastructure as well as network solutions and security for the needs of large companies and institutions. Our services are closely tailored to both customer requirements and the complexity of their structure. We provide comprehensive support – developing solutions, selecting equipment, configuring, testing, and managing infrastructure. We emphasize reliability, performance, and scalability to ensure smooth network operation and efficient resource management.

What sets us apart?

Comprehensive Action and Personalized Approach

All our actions are preceded by a thorough analysis of needs and familiarization with the existing IT infrastructure. Our team of experienced network engineers examines the organization’s structure, information flow, bandwidth requirements, and scalability expectations. Only after these steps do we prepare individual solutions. We strive for these solutions to be redundant, efficient, and reliable, ensuring fast data transmission, minimal downtime, and optimal use of network resources.

Scope of Services

Advanced network services provided by experienced engineers.

We work in both wired (including fiber-optic) and wireless technologies – implementing our projects or those provided by the client. We rely on proven solutions that guarantee high network performance and reliability.

Our company offers network design services tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Our experienced engineers work on creating an optimal solution, taking into account both the physical infrastructure and the software necessary for effective communication and data transmission.
We collaborate with leading network equipment manufacturers, enabling us to deliver high-quality and modern solutions. Our certified engineers handle the implementation and configuration of network equipment for professional applications, ensuring optimal network performance and compliance with specified standards and requirements.
We offer teleinformatics network maintenance services to ensure their reliability and high availability. Our experienced team of engineers regularly assesses the network’s condition, monitors its performance, identifies potential issues, and takes corrective actions before they impact the company’s operations.
We offer network security services to provide protection against both external and internal threats. Our solutions encompass securing networks against attacks using state-of-the-art measures, managing security policies, conducting security audits, and monitoring network traffic to detect irregularities.


  • We audit the security of IT infrastructure.
  • We assess the security level of the existing network infrastructure.
  • We reconfigure the client’s current security systems.
  • We implement mechanisms to improve security in computer networks (firewall systems, UTM, VPNs).
  • We carry out and implement IT security policies in the company.
We provide technical support for clients, addressing both current issues and emergencies such as system failures or loss of connectivity. Our team of engineers is prepared to respond quickly and offer assistance to minimize network downtimes and ensure smooth business operations. As a partner with major IT hardware manufacturers worldwide, we offer professional hardware solutions along with customized service contracts tailored to specific needs.

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