IT Cyber Security

Security at the highest level

As part of WASKO Capital Group, we provide cyber security services. We are an experienced team of experts in the field of IT security, offering comprehensive services to companies and public institutions that want to take care of their security professionally and efficiently. Our goal is to create a secure infrastructure tailored to individual needs.

We take care of the security of infrastructure, data, processes and users. Our services include security audits, penetration testing and implementation of solutions to strengthen the level of security in your organization. We also specialize in providing protection for networks, servers and entire data centers.

How we operate

Secure infrastructure,
processes and data

The first step to enhancing IT security is to thoroughly understand your needs and requirements. Based on the interview and analysis, we can suggest appropriately selected services that will optimally improve the security of hardware, software, network connections and procedures.

Based on the results of the audit, we find gaps, errors and other omissions in IT security, and then identify solutions whose implementation enables their elimination. We perform detailed tests to confirm the effective elimination of the previously detected irregularities, and then strengthen the protection of IT resources against: theft, failure, destruction or loss.

What sets us apart

We know about cyber security

Experience and expertise

We focus on the highest competence. We have a team of specialists with many years of experience in the field of cyber security who are qualified and committed to providing the highest quality services.

Comprehensive solutions

We offer a wide range of IT security services: audits, penetration testing, risk management, network protection and business continuity planning.

A personalized approach

We tailor solutions to the unique needs and nature of each company, learn the specifics of the industry and counter specific threats.

Reliability and trust

We have been in the market for several decades, we have positive feedback from customers and their confidence in the quality of our services.


The IT Cyber Security service is provided by WASKO Capital Group company COIG.
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