What is IntraDok Electronic Document Workflow?

Effective control of case and document handling processes

IntraDok Electronic Document Workflow is a modern solution that ensures the conversion of documents from paper to electronic form.

It enables their storage, protection, and sharing. It automates and streamlines the document workflow process within the organization. It also serves as an electronic archive with built-in scanning and data processing mechanisms. IntraDok features an intuitive interface that can be customized to individual preferences.

The solution is suitable for all types of organizations (public administration, healthcare, commercial enterprises).


Elevate your business to a higher organizational level

IntraDok is a solution that allows you to control and systematize the case and document handling process in your company. It introduces automation of business processes. The time required to complete typical tasks will be significantly reduced. Additionally, the solution provides the ability to analyze statistics of process execution, which is key to optimization and increased work efficiency.

Solution capabilities

Electronic document workflow

  • Electronic document archiving

  • Business process automation

  • Security of stored information and electronic signature

  • Instant access to documents

  • Additional modules: vacations, delegations, schedules, reservations

  • Document templates, electronic forms

  • Easy information search

  • Support for electronic signatures and the DocuSign platform

  • Possibility to expand the platform with a dedicated system for managing business processes in the organization (BPM-class solution)

  • Integration with the Poczta Polska eNadawca system

  • Application support through a web browser, also on mobile devices


Gain instant access to documents

Reduce ongoing operational costs

Business Process Optimization

Higher level of data security

Full accountability for user activities

Guarantee of compliance with current legislation

Ergonomic and responsive user interface

Simple and intuitive application operation

Advanced integration capabilities

Fast access to documents, processes, and cases in the organization

IntraDok Mobile

Manage documentation wherever you are

Access to cases and documents regardless of location, including on mobile devices. The interface is adapted for displaying content on screens of various sizes.


The IntraDok solution is implemented by the WASKO Capital Group company – COIG. Feel free to visit the website for more information or to get in touch.

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