What is WASKO OSS?

Telecommunications operator support

WASKO OSS is a comprehensive platform providing support for all operational areas of a telecommunications operator and service provider. It ensures optimal utilization of owned resources with minimal involvement of operational services.

Modular design of the WASKO OSS platform

Modern architecture

The modular design of the platform allows flexible adaptation to the current and future needs of the operator. Advanced mechanisms for defining service delivery scenarios guarantee orchestration and automation of service delivery processes in a modern hybrid environment consisting of physical devices and virtual servers.


Highest safety standard

Increase network reliability

Insight into the current status of all network elements

Accelerate the implementation of new services

Ensure continuity of service delivery to customers

Early detection of network malfunctions

Independence from equipment and system suppliers

Functionality of the WASKO OSS platform

One platform, many possibilities

The operation of finding network devices according to definable criteria, performed cyclically or on demand.
Visualization of network status on vector maps showing the status of all monitored elements and the relationships between them. Ability to connect popular map components, such as GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap, for example.
Aggregation and analysis of operator network status data. Allows early detection of problems that can result in performance issues.
Early detection and isolation of emerging network problems. The FM module provides proactive monitoring of network elements with the ability to extend to virtual cloud infrastructure and application and database servers.
A flexible module with an open data model that allows customization.
Advanced mechanisms to automate tasks in a heterogeneous environment consisting of devices and systems from different manufacturers
Functionality built using the NEDAPS orchestrator. The NEDAPS system allows for flexible adaptation to the operator’s specific services. The solution ensures service business logic and data consistency across the infrastructure.
Effective identity and access management within the entire OSS environment. The module allows for easy integration with existing systems.
Provides effective data exchange between the OSS platform and systems already in place in the operator’s network. Performs the function of a micro-service integrator.

Available versions

Dedicated solutions for industries


Business support for a
telecommunications operator


Automation of business tasks
and processes


Management of security policies and employee authorizations

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