Cost Optimization for Printing

Everyday savings
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Cost optimization for printing is a comprehensive service that, based on our IT and printing equipment audit, allows us to precisely determine your needs regarding the use of necessary printing devices. This includes their type, model, performance, configuration, and their location in your office. By implementing a printing system from one of the many manufacturers available on the Polish market, it will enhance the security and control over printed, scanned, and copied documents.

How we operate

The model of the cost optimization for printing service

In the print outsourcing service model, it is possible to lease or opt for operational leasing of printers and printing devices, along with necessary software, without the need for their purchase. Additionally, billing is based on the number of pages printed.

Scope of services

Guarantee of proper operation

The cost optimization for printing service involves entrusting us with full responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the printing devices used in the company. This ensures that all your devices are always in working order. All installed devices are covered by comprehensive service support through a service agreement with defined SLA levels. The implemented monitoring software allows us to manage your devices, monitor their technical and operational status.


Daily savings

Cost optimization for printing will allow you to realistically reduce printing costs and allocate them precisely according to their origin. It will enable your company to fully control and optimize related expenses. Low printing costs, accessibility, service scalability, and high quality are the goals that clients aim for when planning their procurement activities.

  • Reducing paper waste
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing the use of consumable materials
  • Positive impact on the natural environment
  • Optimizing the number of printing devices
  • Increasing the protection of printed documents
  • Guarantee of high availability
  • Proper selection of printing devices
  • High-quality printing
  • Low printing costs


More advantageous printing

  • Professionally conducted printing environment audit
  • Full management of the printing environment
  • Printing security and encryption
  • Full control over printing costs
  • Quick notifications about device errors and consumable levels
  • Simplified administration through full synchronization with AD via LDAP service
  • Easy generation and definition of various types of reports
  • Implementation of rules optimizing printing
  • Easy and full scalability of the service


Who is the service intended for?

The service is primarily aimed at companies facing significant issues with the availability and quality of printer and multifunctional device operations. It is designed for organizations experiencing equipment reliability problems or grappling with high operating costs that are challenging to control. This solution is also directed at those who do not want to repeatedly purchase various types of printing devices, saving time and energy on maintaining their technical and operational efficiency.

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