5G Private Network

Stability and security

A 5G Private Network is a dedicated network infrastructure that operates similarly to the public 5G network, but allows the owner to provide restricted access and use either licensed or unlicensed wireless spectrum. This solution is created exclusively for use by a specific organization, offering excellent control and flexibility in managing data and network resources.

The 5G Private Network provides high bandwidth and increased reliability. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art 5G technology, the network features minimal latency. This guarantees more efficient and reliable connectivity compared to public networks or other older solutions, such as 4G networks. This solution opens new possibilities for enterprises wishing to utilize cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency, security, and innovation in their operations.

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Characteristics of the solution

A network tailored to individual needs

Due to its dedicated nature, a private 5G network enables complete control over connections and processed data, which is crucial from the standpoint of enterprise resource management and ensuring a high level of data security.

Organizations can shape their networks with specific applications in mind. The key advantage of a private 5G network is its flexibility. The network can be configured and scaled according to changing business needs, allowing for rapid adaptation to new challenges and the introduction of innovative solutions at a pace that is unattainable within the framework of standard network solutions.


Security and reliability

Networks based on 5G technology are not only faster but also characterized by greater bandwidth, lower latencies, and reliability. Transitioning to 5G in private networks has many advantages over wired systems or those based on Wi-Fi, as well as public 5G networks, making it an ideal choice for modern enterprises in need of a private network.

Impressive Performance

Private 5G networks guarantee significantly higher network speeds, better bandwidth, and reduced latency.

Greater flexibility

The 5G network provides greater flexibility in configuring the network to meet the needs of the enterprise.

Greater reliability

Thanks to the private 5G network, businesses receive a guarantee of network reliability, better coverage over a larger area, a higher number of connected devices, and significantly better performance.

Complete security

A private 5G network provides businesses with greater control through stronger encryption, robust authentication alternatives, and network segmentation.

Full scalability

Since private networks are privately managed, they can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing needs.

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Features of the solution

Greater control over network infrastructure

Network slicing is an ability that allows providers to divide the network into virtual segments. Each segment can be designated for specific applications and have different performance or bandwidth criteria depending on the needs.
Thanks to significantly better bandwidth metrics compared to the 4G network, a private 5G network will enable companies to smoothly manage hundreds, even thousands of devices in their facilities.
A private 5G network supports low-power consumption applications, contributing to reduced energy use during data transmission. 5G networks enable intelligent energy management through advanced algorithms and networking techniques.
In the 5G network architecture, a service-based approach has been adopted, in which network functions are separated and organized in the form of modular services. This allows for flexible service composition, scalability, and rapid deployment of new services. The service-based architecture facilitates network slicing, during which multiple virtual networks are created to meet specific service requirements.
Private 5G networks feature a sophisticated security system. The security measures also include options for wireless encryption as well as end-to-end encryption, ensuring a high level of security.

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