What is NEDAPS?

More than a business process automation platform

NEDAPS is a flexible solution for optimizing and automating any actions—tasks and business processes, configurations, communication with devices and systems—in a fast and efficient way.

The platform ensures data consistency, correct application of procedures, and increases efficiency by eliminating errors, regulating the number of repetitive tasks, and shortening the time it takes to perform tasks, make changes, or add new services.

It allows for adaptation to dynamically evolving technological changes, transforming them to the benefit of your company.

How does NEDAPS work?

How is the automation of
business processes?

NEDAPS operates based on graphical modeling of any actions (tasks, processes, configurations) performed by systems or devices. The scope and method of input and output data for each process are limited only by the designer’s ingenuity and the capabilities of configured devices and systems.

By using logic to describe tasks through flowcharts, its operator does not need specialized knowledge and experience in programming.

Moreover, NEDAPS is designed with flexibility and universality in mind, allowing it to be integrated with any device, network, system, platform, or technology. Furthermore, its architecture allows for further expanding its functionality. Its goal is to create a cohesive solution.


Greater efficiency, lower costs

Increase efficiency by eliminating errors

Shorten the time it takes to perform routine tasks

Reduce operational costs

Faster service delivery

Increase the quality of delivered services

Ensure data consistency

NEDAPS Platform Functionality

Simple management


Easy replication of business logic, configurations, and operations performed by the client


No need to install additional software on devices and systems that NEDAPS interacts with


Perform tasks once at a specific time, cyclically according to a schedule, or as a result of a specific event


Prepared algorithms can be tested in the built-in simulator.


Advanced management of user access permissions

Batch mode

Ability to perform tasks in bulk (bulk)


Compatibility with standards and integration interfaces


Own handy inventory database

Who is the NEDAPS system designed for?

Automation platform in your company

NEDAPS will work well for any company that has an extensive infrastructure consisting of a variety of devices and multi-vendor systems, requiring frequent modifications related to services provided to external customers and those performed internally.

NEDAPS can be introduced at business processes related to the implementation of innovations, the introduction of which will affect the development of the organization. It will also be successful in operational business processes related to the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as post-sales processes involving the support of services provided.

  • Reduce the time to market for new services (Time To Market)
  • Optimize information exchange between different systems, platforms and devices
  • Batch file handling and validation
  • Organizing processes into service bundles for easier management
  • Unified database of objects (products, services, equipment) with accurate descriptions
  • Automation of routine administrative and configuration tasks
  • Synchronization of data from different systems
  • Service request handling and progress monitoring
  • Management of ICT infrastructure security processes
  • Management of IT systems, network resources, applications
  • Automation of service delivery processes (provisioning)
  • Task scheduling in a built-in calendar
  • Optimization of investment costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX)
  • Recommended actions with real-time decision support
  • Enrich customer profiles by aggregating information from open sources
  • Comprehensive, multi-step, multi-organizational campaign management with advanced queuing, routing and escalation capabilities
  • User communication and notification mechanisms
  • Automation of customer service center and service sales processes

Available versions

Dedicated solutions for industries



Orchestration of the telecommunications environment


Enterprise security policy


IT infrastructure security management

Case Study

NEDAPS in practice

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a sample task carried out on our platform.

The material presents the recovery of the name, model, and version of the operating system of a Juniper EX3400 switch with the IP address The entire process is shown, starting from preparing the schema in the modeler, through configuring the environment, to checking the result of the operation performed.

Our customer stories

From simple tasks To complex, no-coding

We have prepared for you a set of inspiring descriptions of NEDAPS applications, in which you will find examples of the system’s successful operations in customer environments.

  • Remote work reporting system
  • Restarty portów urządzeń sieciowych
  • Inwentaryzacja sieci
  • Disabling inactive electronic devices (GreenIT)
  • Managing services in a GPON environment
  • Automatic activation of services based on data from the CMDB database
  • Configuration of E-LAN, E-LINE operator services
  • Mass configuration of L2VPN and L3VPN services
  • Automatic configuration of CPE devices via TR-069 protocol

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