What is KOBAT-Kolektor?

Mediation and data collection

KOBAT-Kolektor is a mediation and data collection system. It automates the processes of transmission, processing, and collection of data recorded by elements of the telecommunications network.

Functionality of the KOBAT-Kolektor system

Work in a multi-layer architecture

The system is scalable, which means it can operate efficiently in an environment where the volume of processed data grows dynamically while maintaining its full effectiveness and performance. This feature is particularly important in the era of dynamic development of digital services, communication methods, and objects that can serve as sources of billing information.


Streamlining and improving process effectiveness

Simplification of telecommunications data transmission, processing, and storage processes

Data protection against unauthorized access

Full control of the supported process

Simplification of the new service introduction processes, reducing the bill-to-pay time

Improving the effectiveness of the billing process

Automation of data distribution to systems supporting business processes

Full guarantee of data protection against loss due to failures.

Characteristics of the KOBAT-Kolektor System

Full customization to meet specific needs

The system processes information related to subscriber billing, inter-operator network interface billing, data from SS7 signaling networks, and information about services delivered using IP protocols. These include primarily the information necessary for billing purposes, such as billing records for subscribers, billing records for trunks and links, IP traffic records, metering data, and more. The data also includes information from traffic measurements.

Data sources can include both mediation systems (e.g., SICC) and directly from data recording and provisioning objects. To ensure the acquisition of relevant information from a wide range of data recording objects in the telecommunications network, the acquisition modules of the system are equipped with key communication protocols commonly used in the industry, including FTAM, CMIP, TCP/IP, SS7, ASCII, Q3. By collecting data simultaneously from various network elements, performing data verification and standardization functions, the system serves as a comprehensive source of information for data recipients, such as subscriber billing systems, fraud detection, and management support systems.

  • Standardization and data normalization

  • Preparing data for BSS (Business Support Systems)

  • Data retention mechanisms

  • Full process auditability.

  • Control of billing process integrity

  • Automation of data retrieval processes from various objects, including PSTN exchanges

  • Elimination of unreliable and hard-to-access magnetic drives (DAT drives, streamers, rewinders)

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