What is WASKO BSS?

Supporting the business of a telecommunications operator

WASKO BSS is a comprehensive platform providing support for the business areas of a telecommunications operator and service provider. It provides comprehensive control of the process of data flow from the moment of their registration by network devices to settlement within business processes.

The platform provides a uniform and efficient interface for the operator’s business systems layer, which enables effective integration and better use of infrastructure with minimal involvement of operational services.

Functionality of the WASKO BSS platform

Precise data management

The modern system architecture allows flexible construction of tariff plans and service price lists for current and future operator needs. Advanced mechanisms for defining business process scenarios guarantee automation of service delivery tasks in a modern hybrid environment consisting of physical devices and virtual servers.


Manage your business better

Optimize customer or partner service costs

Meeting the Regulator’s reporting requirements

Conduct a flexible marketing policy thanks to the ability to dynamically change product prices

Increase ability to attract new customers and serve them efficiently

Automate the process of invoicing customers for fixed and variable services

Flexible tool for modeling and monitoring operator’s business processes

WASKO BSS system modules

One platform, many possibilities

Maintains records and enables management of relations with customers and partners of the operator. It supports the management of the product catalog and service price list. The system stores the history of interaction with the customer or partner in terms of contact history, history of data changes, history of events and status of contracts and annexes. CRM provides support in the cycle of selling products to the end customer and supports the analysis of demand for new services. A component of the CRM system is the customer portal, supporting the process of communication with the customer. CRM also has a module for conducting tenders.
The Billing Component participates in the entire billing cycle in terms of: acquisition of billing data (mediation module), their reconciliation, negotiation of receivables, billing, invoicing and billing control. The Billing Module enables cooperation with the client’s external F-K system.
It provides management of document templates and documents created and recorded during business processes. The document repository has a mechanism for indexing stored objects for quick access by keywords and their attributes. Documents are stored in both customer and partner contexts.
It supports the handling of complaints and technical requests. The system is integrated with the Partner Portal, where the status of current and archived tickets is presented. Within each ticket it is possible to view the history of the ticket, the attributes of which are: notifier, partner, devices, statuses (changes), related tickets and operations undertaken. The module provides the ability to define SLA parameters by category and importance of tickets. Additional functionality is the ability to generate e-mail notifications and in the form of SMS messages. The system cooperates with Contact Center and Service Desk class systems.
A web module designed to support document exchange processes, billing and service request handling. The partner portal provides an interface for desktop and mobile devices.
It provides support for BSS business reports and operations auditing. The solution includes a database engine, ETL packages, OLAP multidimensional cubes and a reporting engine. The database structure has separate data storage containers for operational reports. The built-in reporting service provides an interface for creating report templates and an engine for executing queries, formatting the resulting reports and publishing them to business processes and repositories.
The business process engine, together with the eFlow process management and support portal, monitors the status of user tasks within all operator business processes. It is responsible, through the user interface, for defining, launching and supervising workflow processes. Business processes developed in the BPM engine’s design tool are stored in the engine’s internal repository and are run as application instances of the BPM server.
Effective management of authorization and user permissions within the entire BSS platform. The module allows easy integration with already existing systems such as domain or Active Directory.
It ensures effective data exchange of the BSS platform with systems already in place in the operator’s network.

Available versions

Dedicated solutions for industries


Operational support of the
telecommunications operator


Automation of business tasks
and processes


Management of security policies and employee authorizations

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