IT Audit

Control of systems for performance

We conduct IT audits, performing an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the organization’s IT infrastructure (including devices), policies, and procedures. Obtaining a complete set of information about the company’s IT environment allows us to determine whether operational objectives are being properly achieved and the organization’s resources adequately protected. On one hand, the usability and reliability of IT solutions in your organization are assessed, and on the other hand, their performance, reliability, security, and compliance with standards are evaluated.

What sets us apart

Quality and expertise

We focus on an individual approach, addressing the needs and goals of your company. We use a proven and widely accepted methodology, recognized as a standard in the industry internationally. Our rich experience, comprehensive knowledge, and deep understanding of the technical and business aspects of your organization translate into reliable and accurate recommendations.

How we operate

Understanding the environment and analysis

After gathering information about the IT infrastructure and conducting an analysis, the results are documented in a report. We provide this document to the client and discuss its contents in detail. We convey all information – discussing well-functioning areas and pointing out identified problems, which are then explained. We discuss their significance, the risks they pose, and potential consequences. As a summary, we present proposals for possible modifications, reconfigurations, or expansions. The entire report serves as a knowledge base for the client, allowing them to make informed decisions about initiating or refraining from changes in their infrastructure.


What does IT audit provide?

  • Identifies potential gaps in data security and related risks

  • Assists in identifying inefficiencies in IT systems and management

  • Allows verification of compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards

  • Its execution confirms that the organization cares about data security and compliance with regulations

  • Identifies potential threats and risks before they become serious problems
  • Assists in assessing the effectiveness of IT management by identifying areas for improvement

  • Possibility of identifying unnecessary costs or excessive spending on IT

Related Services

Security Audit

An IT audit can be an independent service or can be linked to a security audit, serving as a starting point for an in-depth analysis of existing data protection methods. A security audit can cover the entire infrastructure or focus on a specific area, such as the protection of corporate data or critical applications.

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