Gas and fire detection systems

Protection of the most demanding industrial installations

Protection of industrial installations – we specialize in the design and implementation of fire and explosion protection systems for the protection of industrial installations requiring the highest safety levels SIL2 or SIL3. Which means that the risk of foreseen hazards is reduced by at least 100 times (for SIL2) and 1000 times (for SIL3), compared to a standard installation (these values are recorded in the Polish standard PN-EN 61508).

Our system for the protection of industrial installations is used in chemical and petrochemical plants and gas compressor stations. In addition, in those production enterprises where flammable substances appear and a real explosion hazard arises.

We provide security

Emergency alert

The goal of our industrial plant protection projects is to achieve a high level of safety for an industrial facility, in accordance with SIL2, SIL3 levels. The most important task set for our systems is to detect fire in the initial phase of danger formation and to prevent gas explosions.

A side effect is a reduction in the number of false alarms and, as a result, a reduction in the operating costs of the installation.

We work with AUTRONICA and DET-TRONICS systems certified by CNBOP. Our engineers are certified to work in gas-hazardous conditions. They hold certificates confirming their high competence, thanks to which WASKO has the status of AUTRONICA authorized partner.


Why choose our solution?

Reducing the cost of installation insurance

Reduce the risk of human and material losses resulting from accidents

Reduce operating costs of industrial installations

Securing high-risk installations (refineries, gas mines, compressor stations, chemical plants, etc.).

Characteristics of the Gas and Fire Detection System


When a dangerous event, such as a gas leak, fire or smoke, occurs at the site, the gas and fire detection system activates optical and acoustic alarms. It transmits information about the location and type of alarm to synoptic screens, and relevant signals are relayed to external security systems. If necessary, automatic procedures are triggered to put equipment into a safe state. Different plants implement different emergency algorithms developed by technologists to ensure maximum safety for people and equipment.

  • Monitoring of the facility

  • Threat detection

  • Quick notification of danger

  • High security

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