What are Linea linear investments?

Effective maintenance of documentation of linear investments

Linea is a platform for maintaining project and formal-legal documentation related to linear investments. Working on project documents stored in local folders can cause significant difficulties related to data processing and retrieval and simultaneous access of more users to shared resources. Linea was designed to solve this problem and become an indispensable tool for designers and supervisors of linear investments.

The application allows quick access to data for all participants involved in the project at the same time – making it easier and more efficient to supervise an extensive project structure. It acts as a document repository, with a friendly and intuitive interface that is easy to learn and use.

Why choose Linea?

Streamlines and facilitates

With Linea you will create a single place for all formal and legal documents related to linear investments. It is a data repository with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that will allow you to easily lead and manage a project with extensive structures.

The platform will streamline the work of companies that design, as well as manage the network and linear infrastructure, among others: design offices, network managers from the telecommunications, water and sewerage, electric power industries.


Full security, lower costs

Faster progress of project work

Easy and efficient data verification process

Work more effectively and efficiently

Elimination of duplicate and locally stored data

Protecting data from unauthorized access

Introduce consistency and validation of data across jobs

Minimize instances of errors or deletion of data during the work of a team of employees

Minimize financial losses, such as those resulting from obtaining the same excerpts from surveying centers

Visualization of the progress of the various stages of implementation, without the need for additional graphics programs

Linea application functionalities

Comprehensive support of the design process

The platform for managing linear investments allows effective monitoring of each stage of implementation: handling of orders, project documentation, formal and legal services, as-built documentation, acceptance and financial settlements. It provides a real-time view of the progress of the work, allowing easy verification of the elements remaining to be implemented and unverified elements. Progress analysis can be carried out both for the entire project and for each of the sub-components carried out by individual subcontractors.

To efficiently maintain and manage the collected documentation, Linea is equipped with many functionalities:

  • integration with CAD engineering programs and passporting systems
  • acquisition of up-to-date data directly from cadastral parcel location services (ULDK)
  • module for obtaining contracts and agreements
  • automatic generation of agreements for POPC projects
  • creation of a database of extracts from the land registry with the addition of attachments (scans)
  • administrative data dictionary based on TERYT database
  • bulk rewriting of data for many parcels of land simultaneously
  • work on progress templates to track the progress of the work done
  • customization of the view using filters and visibility of individual columns
  • import of data from structured .xlsx files
  • transfer of PDF attachments with their preview
Using the interactive map function built into the application, the progress of project work can be displayed directly in a web browser. Through direct communication of the map with the database, it is possible to mark with appropriate colors the progress of work related to acquiring property owners’ consents. Operations can be performed on the map, such as grouping more objects on the map, presenting additional metadata using pop-ups next to individual elements, and much more – the interactive map module is being expanded and modified all the time.
Linea ensures data security by protecting against unauthorized access. It allows administration of users, profiles and accesses through a dedicated panel. It is possible to precisely assign permissions (read-only or editable) to specific parts and resources of the application. Linea controls data, ensuring that changes made by users are recorded and stored in history. The application ensures protection of sensitive data, guaranteeing full compliance with RODO regulations.
Access control and security

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