What is the Anti-collision System?

Intersection and internal parking protection

The system for securing plant intersections is applied in industrial traffic in places where there is a high risk of collisions or where traffic needs to be controlled to improve the organization of work and vehicle movement.

The plant intersection security system is a solution with operational logic that takes into account the specific working conditions prevailing in the plant or its selected section. Our goal is to prepare a project based on the analysis of threats in a given location. The result of the analysis is the preparation of a solution suitable in terms of technical means applied and economically justified.

Functionality of the Collision Avoidance System

Collision-Free Intersection

The most commonly used technical means include traffic lights, acoustic signals, induction loops, barriers, road radars, counting displays, traffic analyzing cameras, etc. The heart of the system is intersection controllers with a specific program prepared by our specialists/road engineers. The program is embedded in the controller, which is associated with previously prepared infrastructure.


Increase safety and efficiency

Higher level of employee safety

Reduction of losses and damage to plant infrastructure and vehicle fleet

More efficient traffic organization in the workplace

System purpose

Reliability in challenging conditions

The system is particularly suitable for operation in challenging working conditions (high dust, technological steam, smoke). The main advantage of the plant intersection security system is the use of redundant systems, commonly found in large city intersections, which do not have a single point of failure. Once installed, the system operates continuously and maintenance-free for many years.


Collision avoidance intersection protection system

The Traffic Control System is responsible for the safety of tram traffic at the Depot. It covers the entire track infrastructure responsible for the safe movement of vehicles within the depot, including switch control, signal control, detection and protective elements, and ensuring safety requirements in SIL3 class. The system automatically responds to various emergency and non-standard situations. It specifically records infrastructure failures and presents their location on the Operator’s Terminal.

The system is equipped with a variety of reports allowing the Operator to summarize information collected during the system’s operation in a coherent and clear manner. Reports provide information on service dispositions, cyclic activities, vehicle departure times, Motormen’s working hours, infrastructure failures, and all routes completed within the depot area.

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