What is the Platform for Police?

A comprehensive solution for the Prevention and Traffic area

The Platform for Provincial Police Headquarters for the Prevention and Traffic Area is a high-availability information system designed for use by internal police units and citizens.

The system effectively provides communication between the Police and citizens and supports information on traffic collisions.

How does the Platform for Police work?

Effective communication and information

  • Spatial analysis of accidents
  • Management of neighborhoods and districts of neighborhoods
  • Building a knowledge base of environmental recognition
  • Development of content published in services
  • A modern way to collect and quickly report on traffic accidents
  • Handling incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Support in planning the district officer’s workday
  • Easy contact between citizen and district officer


Openness in dealing with citizens

Easy contact between citizen and district officer

Efficient exchange of information on events occurring in the area

Transparent information on traffic accidents

Easy documentation of work carried out by district officers

Increased level of security for the covered area

Improving traffic flow

System architecture

Applications supporting the platform

The application for easy contact between citizens and police officers. Thanks to it, information about districts will always be up-to-date and available to both officers and citizens. The application allows the management of district officers and the regions assigned to them.
The application is designed for officers going to the scene of an incident.  Equipped with a GETAC-type device, officers record the type and location of the incident, and the data is then sent to analytical and public information systems.  The application uses map primers, navigation to accident sites and collection of sketches of the accident scene.
A web portal for the citizen to initiate social actions, as well as to view information.  The application allows simple contact between a citizen and a district officer, so that information can be efficiently exchanged about events that occur in their area. Contact with the district officer can be made through both the portal and the mobile application.
An analytical application to analyze the situation on the roads in terms of recorded accidents and collected accident information (MRD-2 card).  The analysis is carried out on a map view, using geospatial data interpretation functions, including clustering of clusters of accident sites.
An application used to edit content published on portals and mobile applications available to officers and citizens.  CMS has editorial mechanisms, mechanisms for accepting content before it is published in police services.
Applications to help document the work carried out by district officers.  With the accumulated knowledge, it is possible to coordinate work to improve security in the field.

Case Study

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