Protecting industrial infrastructure

Secure industrial infrastructure

Within the WASKO Capital Group, we specialize in the security of industrial automation systems and production processes. We excel in designing, implementing, and servicing OT solutions. With our auditing and monitoring services, you can rest assured that your production processes are secure, compliant with regulations, and ready to operate in a competitive environment.

OT Cybersecurity is crucial

Industrial cybersecurity is an essential element for organizations utilizing operational systems. It is crucial for maintaining stable and uninterrupted operations of SCADA and ICS systems.

Implementing and maintaining effective OT cybersecurity solutions can be complex. Solutions in this area require the support of experts who can tailor strategies to the unique needs of the enterprise. Qualified specialists will be able to propose personalized solutions, conduct security audits, provide necessary tools, and offer continuous support.

Our Experience

Securing operational technology systems

With years of experience in cybersecurity, our experts possess extensive knowledge and skills to effectively secure your OT/ICS systems and networks. We understand the unique needs of your organization and tailor our solutions to your industrial infrastructure. Our services are flexible and scalable to meet the requirements of your enterprise. The results of our audits always include detailed reports with recommended actions.

Scope of services

Reliability, continuity, and protection against cyber threats

We specialize in operational security solutions to protect your systems from threats. Our services encompass a comprehensive approach to OT security, including audits, design, implementation, and monitoring of security systems.

Areas of our expertise:

  • Separation of OT networks from other enterprise systems (IT) and within OT, control of communication at the level of SCADA-PLC protocols
  • Ensuring secure remote access to devices (for servicing and maintenance)
  • Detection of events deviating from standards and enterprise-class experience
  • Protection at the level of access to resources (authentication, DLP, application control)
  • Collection and correlation of events – event interpretation

Service implementation process

Discover our approach


Familiarizing ourselves with the currently functioning infrastructure


Risk analysis
and needs


Selection of potential
solutions and conducting


Implementation or independent supervision of implementation


The OT Security service is provided by the WASKO Capital Group subsidiary – the COIG company.
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