5G Radiocommunication Infrastructure

Next-generation radio networks

Stable and always accessible telecommunication systems, ensuring unlimited access to the Internet and voice connections, play a particularly important role in the functioning of the state, enterprises, and individual users in today’s times.

The components of the radiocommunication infrastructure include mobile telephony and data transmission base stations, located on freestanding antenna towers, telecommunication masts, and antenna-supporting structures installed on existing buildings such as residential and industrial rooftops, churches, chimneys, or existing steel towers.

Year by year, the entire infrastructure becomes more extensive, with new structures emerging and existing ones continuously modernized to ensure continuous traffic and increased network capacity, due to the growing societal needs.

How we operate

We will take care of your infrastructure.

Investments in this area are comprehensively executed, starting from the stage of property acquisition in the radio planning area, through the entire project process from concept to obtaining a building permit. We develop environmental documentation, including project qualification in terms of the need for environmental decisions, environmental analyses, and information sheets for projects. We carry out technological, construction, and executive projects for supporting antenna structures and equipment, as well as power supply installations. We handle all necessary industry and administrative agreements to obtain a valid building permit, including decisions on the determination of the location of public purpose investments, conservation permits, or agreements with aviation authorities. We provide complete implementation, installation, and integration of antennas and equipment.

Why choose us?

Proper functioning of the system

Comprehensively performed services allow for efficient future upgrades and the expected improvement of the parameters of transmission network operation.

Our offer is aimed at telecommunications operators, state services, public institutions, and businesses for whom efficient communication is essential for proper functioning.

System functionality

Next-generation radio networks

  • We provide all necessary assistance and support in the formal process of building radio communication systems.

  • Initiating investment projects

  • We provide comprehensive process support in the “Design and Build” formula and warranty service, and the holistic provision of services allows for efficient future upgrades of installations.

  • We have been actively operating in the industry for many years, confirming excellent knowledge of it.

  • We have experience supported by completed projects and references from satisfied customers.
  • We employ and collaborate with the best specialists.

  • We build lasting business relationships by adapting to the client’s requirements and needs.

  • We ensure constant contact, reporting on work progress, and a smooth flow of information.

  • We help achieve set goals.

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