What is the eADMIN system?

Supervising IT Infrastructure

eADMIN is a system for comprehensive supervision of a company’s IT infrastructure. It provides control over extensive infrastructure in terms of administration and security.

It supports IT administrators in their daily duties. With its help, we get access to manage any device connected to the company network – workstations, printers, print servers. At the same time, we can easily diagnose and solve problems that occur, without interfering with the performance of employees’ duties.

How does OpenEye eADMIN work?

One system, multiple tasks

  • Monitoring of devices, networks and user activity with alarm handling

  • Audit, inventory and management of hardware, software and workstation assets

  • Building a knowledge base of the equipment used

  • Establish remote sessions, perform remote configurations

  • Receiving, managing and handling user requests


IT infrastructure management can be simpler

Full monitoring of IT infrastructure performance

Standardize the handling of service requests

Optimization of workstation operations

Optimization of workstation operations

Support the work of system administrators

Improving the level of security of the infrastructure

Functionality of the eAdmin system

Supervising IT Infrastructure

The system consists of four functional groups. They implement specific functionalities and provide security in different areas of IT infrastructure and data on which users work.

  • Software and license management
  • Detecting unwanted devices and blocking access to the company’s IT infrastructure
  • Monitoring the operation of print servers
  • Workstation configuration control
    Workstation performance monitoring
  • Remote software installation
  • Control and authorization of designated groups of removable devices, including monitoring their use
  • Web access templates and proactive response to their violation
  • Management of local accounts on a workstation
  • Remote editing of the Windows registry
  • Managing Windows updates
  • Monitoring of running applications and processes on the workstation
  • Remote execution of system commands on an employee’s workstation
  • Enabling communication, file sharing, team discussions
  • Sending messages from administrators or managers to employees, which have the character of important messages, where the information about reading the sent message is put aside
  • Enable administrators to view the desktop of a given workstation
  • Enable administrators to take control of the desktop and perform administrative actions
  • Recording and categorizing incidents
  • Management of user requests
  • Remote assistance
  • Maintenance contract handling
  • Support for groups handling requests
  • Support for ticket SLAs
  • Defining ticket mapping
  • Defining escalation thresholds
  • Defining notifications

Available versions

Dedicated OpenEye SCADA solutions

OpenEye SCADA for photovoltaics

Easy management of the photovoltaic farm

OpenEye HelpDesk

Automation of notifications
and cases


Management of industrial

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