Access control
and protection
of IT assets

NEDAPS SEC is a tool for comprehensive management of virtual environments. The main tasks of the system are: inventory of resources, automation of cyclic administrative tasks and verification of security of network and hardware environments.

The tool is useful for companies that want to have full knowledge of their IT environment, consciously manage it, as well as take care of its security.

Management of security vulnerability scans and vulnerabilities

Generation of a ready-made proposal to remedy a given security gap

Clear data visualisation and report generation capability

Cyclic security scans according to standards including CVE and CVSS

Can be extended to include business model-specific processes

Integrates with official security vulnerability databases and has up-to-date threat data

How NEDAPS SEC works

Central repository of knowledge
about the environment and its condition

The platform provides complete and reliable data. It acts as a central repository of knowledge about the environment and its condition, which standardizes all the necessary information and gathers it in one place. The verification mechanisms used make the stored information complete and consistent with other systems of the organization.


Support for your business

A central place for information about the entire IT environment

Easy automation of maintenance tasks and processes

Full protection from detected vulnerabilities

Higher level of security of IT infrastructure

Increase efficiency, eliminating mistakes

Ensure data integrity

Application of the system

Full knowledge of your IT environment

The system allows automating the process of IT resources inventory. The implemented functionalities allow building a database with information about owned hardware or virtual devices and used IT systems. The inventory data includes not only information about the physical parameters of the device, but may also include information about the people responsible for the resource and the relationship between the devices and systems and the business goals they pursue. The information stored by NEDAPS SEC allows continuous monitoring of the status of resource utilization.
NEDAPS SEC allows you to automate standard tasks and procedures carried out in your work environment, such as setting up user accounts in IT systems (domain, mail, workflow, accounting system, etc.), taking care of proper authorization for systems, managing backup procedures and much more.
The system enables cyclic verification of the state of actuality of the applied security features of the IT environment by running external programs and platforms that verify Internet vulnerabilities, so-called security gaps. For this purpose, the administrator can run a vulnerability scanner from the NEDAPS SEC level, which can be any such software available on the market. The system automates the use of the vulnerability scanner and, by analyzing the effects of the scanner, can trigger other actions, such as automatic threat reporting, software updates, device reconfigurations or other remediation activities.

Functionality of the NEDAPS platform

Simple management


Easy mapping of business logic, configuration and customer operations


No need to install additional software
On devices and systems,
with which NEDAPS cooperates


Performing tasks at one time At a specific time, cyclically according to a schedule or as a result of a specific event


The prepared algorithms can be tested in the built-in performance simulator.


Advanced access rights management users

Batch mode

Ability to perform tasks in bulk (bulk)


Compliance with standards and integration interfaces


Own handy inventory database

Purpose of the NEDAPS system

Automation platform in your company

NEDAPS will work well for any company that has an extensive infrastructure consisting of a variety of devices and systems from multiple manufacturers, requiring frequent modifications related to services provided to external customers and those performed internally.

NEDAPS can be introduced at business processes related to the implementation of innovations, the introduction of which will affect the development of the organization. It will also be successful in operational business processes related to the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as post-sales processes involving the support of services provided.

  • Reduce the time to market for new services (Time To Market)
  • Optimize information exchange between different systems, platforms and devices
  • Batch file handling and validation
  • Organizing processes into service bundles for easier management
  • Unified database of objects (products, services, equipment) with accurate descriptions
  • Automation of routine administrative and configuration tasks
  • Synchronization of data from different systems
  • Service request handling and progress monitoring
  • Management of ICT infrastructure security processes
  • Management of IT systems, network resources, applications
  • Automation of service delivery processes (provisioning)
  • Task scheduling in a built-in calendar
  • Optimization of investment costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX)
  • Recommended actions with real-time decision support
  • Enrich customer profiles by aggregating information from open sources
  • Comprehensive, multi-step, multi-organizational campaign management with advanced queuing, routing and escalation capabilities
  • User communication and notification mechanisms
  • Automation of customer service center and service sales processes

Available versions

Other applications of the NEDAPS system



Orchestration of the environment


Enterprise security policy management


Auditing of business and production processes

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