What is a storage emulator?

Emulation of any

The MTDE magnetic storage emulator is an electronic device aimed at companies using traditional SCSI bus storage media, such as tape drives (so-called rewinders), streamers, magneto-optical disks. The solution meets the needs of telecommunications operators with digital telephone exchanges that use the aforementioned storage media. The MTDE emulator replaces the magnetic drives used on telecommunications exchanges for both billing and system data transmission.

Thanks to the use of modern electronic circuits and specialized software, the MTDE device is suitable for emulating any drives using magnetic media recording and magneto-optical disks.

How does the storage emulator work?

Virtual storage

The MTDE emulator, from the point of view of the system in which it is installed, is visible as a standard physical drive, such as a magneto-optical drive, streamer, tape drive. The device behaves identically to the original drive.

The emulator is equipped with three connectors: SCSI, Ethernet and power supply. The SCSI and power connectors are used for direct connection in place of the emulated physical drive. The Ethernet connector is used to connect to the control computer, where either data read from the system or data to be written is stored. Specialized software is installed on the control computer that allows remote operation of the emulator in the same way as if a standard SCSI device were operated. All operations are performed on the so-called virtual media. Virtual media is a part of the hard disk capacity of the control computer, which is used to store information transferred to/from the emulator. The data stored on the virtual media can be made available to other systems via an IP network or in any other way according to the customer’s requirements.


Improved reliability

Reduce costs associated with central data archiving

Eliminate the need for manual operation of drives

Increase reliability of systems

Extend the life of systems using SCSI mechanical media

Ability to use the device as an additional buffer to protect against data loss

MTDE storage emulator functionality?

Ensuring data security

MTDE emulators eliminate the need for manual handling of traditional storage media (inserting media, pulling out media), thus allowing easy implementation of an efficient data archiving system. The use of an MTDE emulator extends the life of systems using often hard-to-reach mechanical magnetic and magneto-optical SCSI drives. Emulators significantly reduce maintenance costs (OPEX), eliminating the need to purchase very expensive specialized SCSI drives and media. The use of MTDE emulators significantly increases the security of data stored in systems by providing an additional data buffer in the control computer’s disk space.

  • Increase reliability of control panels by eliminating mechanical parts of drives

  • A housing that corresponds to the size of the emulated drive (magneto-optical disk, streamer), so that the emulator can be mounted directly in place of the drive to be replaced.

  • Ability to use the device as an additional buffer to protect against data loss,

  • Ability to manage the device remotely

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