Investment Support

Professional handling of investment projects

As part of the Group, we provide professional and comprehensive services at every stage of the investment process. Fonon is focused on the infrastructure market and the rail transportation industry. Fonon performs services in the field of design and investment supervision, and provides network maintenance and servicing services.

Network design

From concept to comprehensive documentation

Fonon specializes in the design area. The design service offered by the company is full support from the early conception of an investment to construction and execution documentation. With experience, professional approach and commitment, Fonon provides comprehensive design support, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Construction of infrastructure

Implementation of investment projects

Fonon is engaged in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure and networks. The company’s activities also include a wide range of modernization services related to the expansion, reconstruction and integration of fiber optic and copper networks. The company is committed to infrastructure projects, providing professionalism and state-of-the-art telecommunications solutions.

Investor supervision and claims handling

Professional investment service

Fonon offers professional support within the framework of investment processes. As part of the investor supervision service, the company provides meticulous supervision of the entire investment project. Fonon is a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and practical experience in performing the function of Project Engineer, in accordance with FIDIC standards. The area of investor supervision services also includes claims handling and settlement of projects co-financed by EU funds.

Network maintenance

Ensuring network stability

Fonon has a comprehensive technical background, which, combined with knowledge and many years of experience, enables the company to perform even the most advanced tasks related to the maintenance of telecommunications networks. All maintenance services provided by Fonon are characterized by excellent precision and quality workmanship, which guarantees the stability and reliability of network operation.


The Investment Support service is provided by WASKO Capital Group company Fonon.
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