Gas network data collection

GAZ-KOLEKTOR is a comprehensive IT platform designed for gas network operators or companies having an extensive gas network with a large number of metering devices collecting billing data.

The GAZ-KOLEKTOR system performs the tasks of collecting data from various sources (calculators, gas meters, chromatographs). It provides connectivity with the devices and processes and distributes them to multiple receiving systems.

How does the GAS-COLECTO

Central database of parameters

The system acts as a central database of quantitative and qualitative parameters of gaseous fuel, providing a source for other information systems used by the operator.

GAZ-KOLEKTOR automates the processes of acquiring data from multiple devices in parallel, unifies them and verifies their formal and substantive correctness. Based on the collected measurement data, it prepares configurable aggregates that are used to verify and settle the gas supply or transmission service.


Full automation

Standardization of data processing and aggregate calculation methods

Shorten the billing process for transmission/supply services

Increase the level of data quality

Increase the speed of data verification

Functionality of the GAZ-COLEKTOR platform

Specifics of the mechanisms

GAZ-KOLEKTOR is equipped with mechanisms to support users in quality control of collected data. The system allows defining any data correctness criteria and presenting the results of their control in a visual way. Such a solution allows for quick and “mass” verification of data, e.g. for the purpose of calculating billing aggregates.

In the case of discontinuities in the data collected from the devices resulting from, for example, failures, the system allows to fill in the gaps with parameters generated on the basis of archival data. The volume of gas flow can be set by the user or calculated by the system and the waveform characteristics are generated on the basis of historical waveforms.

In addition to acquiring data from physical devices, GAZ-KOLEKTOR also has a mechanism for defining virtual devices and measurement systems. Virtual devices and measurement systems defined in the system have no physical counterpart in the measurement infrastructure, and measurement data for such devices are calculated by the system based on data from other measurement devices, according to formulas defined by the system administrator. A virtual device AND metering system from the point of view of the billing data preparation process is the same data source as physical devices.

  • Mechanism for defining virtual devices

  • Automation of data acquisition processes

  • Automation of the preparation of mandatory publications on the current flow and quality of transmitted gas

  • Automation of aggregation of metering data for billing of gas supply or transmission services,

  • A single archive of enterprise-wide measurement data, e.g., for claims analysis

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