What is the OpenEye HelpDesk?

Automation notifications and cases

OpenEye HelpDesk helps better manage support and service requests. The HelpDesk system works well for companies regardless of their business profile that handle short-term notifications or issues such as complaints, failures, errors, tasks. Its use improves the functioning of service departments and the work of consultants, making the process of handling requests more efficient and faster.

How does the OpenEye HelpDesk work?

Handling multiple processes for multiple organizations, on a single platform

The operation of the HelpDesk system is based on controlling the procedure for handling requests and the correctness of the execution of services in accordance with the signed SLA (Service Level Agreement). Controlling the timely execution of tasks by the system prevents the consequences of improper functioning of customer care, helpdesk departments.


Highest safety standard

Handle requests more efficiently and eliminate recurring ones

Accelerate request handling processes

Increase in efficiency

Higher quality of work and services provided

Optimize the operating costs of support departments

Improving communication within the organization

Standardize procedures for handling requests

OpenEye HelpDesk system components

One goal, many possibilities

OpenEye Helpdesk supports all areas of ticket handling. From registration of requests, through ongoing monitoring and modification of statuses, detailed history of requests, generation of statistics according to the set parameters, to exchange of comments on the solution of the problem.

Among the functionalities of our system one can distinguish the creation of escalation paths for the attendant and the orderer, thanks to which the situation of a given request and further stages of its handling are completely transparent. Also important is the full record of notifications and all activities related to their handling.

In addition, OpenEye HelpDesk provides a flexible way to handle notifications, and the entire process is in accordance with the ITIL model. The system features a clear and intuitive user interface with a selectable list of displayed columns and advanced filtering options. Full management of the environment is available from a web browser.

OpenEye HelpDesk features:

  • Recording and categorizing incidents

  • Management of requests from users

  • Prioritization

  • Building dependency scenarios

  • Remote assistance

  • Handling maintenance contracts

  • Support for request handling groups, defining SLA parameters for request handling

  • Defining a map for handling requests

  • Defining escalation thresholds

  • Defining notifications

  • List and history of applications

  • Statistics and reports

  • Control of permissions and access to data

  • Notifications and escalation paths

Available versions

Dedicated OpenEye SCADA solutions

OpenEye SCADA for photovoltaics

Easy management of the photovoltaic farm


Management of industrial

OpenEye eADMIN

Comprehensive supervision of IT infrastructure

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