What is the Eindustria system?

Comprehensive support of the processes of planning and implementation of gas purchases

The Eindustria gas purchase system is a comprehensive solution supporting the processes of planning and execution of gas purchases dedicated to entities that have the status of Transmission Service Orderer (Shipper), Distribution System Operator (DSO) or End User.

Eindustria enables long-term planning of demand for natural gas fuel by any configurable period (years – gas or calendar years, months and days). It allows you to keep detailed records of your gas supply contracts, including those with the Polish Power Exchange, as well as transmission contracts. Thanks to Eindustria, you will verify contracts established with suppliers and transmission operators in terms of coverage of planned demand.

How Eindustria works

Long-term planning

The system enables the transition from long-term demand plans, to ongoing operational plans – weekly, daily and hourly.

As part of operational planning, the system supports the planning of supplies covering the assumed demand, taking into account the supplier and transmission contracts held. In particular, supply balancing is supported by planning imbalances with the operator, as well as the use of flexible contracts with suppliers and the use of POLPX to make up shortfalls on the supply side, as well as the use of POLPX to resell surplus gas.

The system controls the timeliness of nominations/renominations to suppliers as well as to operators, the timeliness of operative allocations and transport forecasts, informing in advance of the need to submit them. In doing so, the system takes into account the applicable schedules of operators and suppliers, as well as keeps track of changes to the operational plan in the context of nominations already submitted.


Cost minimization

Reduce gas procurement and demand imbalance costs

Ongoing balancing of gas consumption based on own and/or operator’s metering data

Full integration with the IT systems of the operator Gaz-System

Verification of compliance of ordered supplies with current consumption and contract terms and conditions

Eindustria system functionality

Monitoring and verification

Eindustria exchanges information with market participants, including suppliers, transmission system operators and distribution system operators. Documents are exchanged in a standard dedicated to gas industry entities, e.g. EDIG@S, or in other standards permitted by individual market participants.

The system is fully integrated with the IT systems of the operator Gaz-System in the area of submission of nominations (AS4 protocol and Edig@s 5.1 documents), submission of allocations, reading of nomination statuses, operative and settlement data.

Our gas purchase system continuously verifies the compliance of ordered deliveries with current consumption and contract terms such as minimum and maximum contractual capacity. In the event of a risk of exceeding contract values and imbalance levels, Eindustria warns of this fact, thus avoiding additional charges. The system keeps you informed when user-defined thresholds are exceeded and when new data is acquired from the transmission operator or suppliers.

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